An Abstract Painter Searches for Space

Kaleidoscopic, ©2017, Alicia R Peterson, acrylic on linen, 30 x 40 inches. $3000 Photo: Peter Scheer

It feels like I have been searching for space all my life. My personal space bubble, my comfort zone is probably different than yours. I don’t like folks who creep up to me in lines as if getting […]

The perils of painting

As an abstract painter the moon calls to me. I revel in its luminosity and shadow.

Exo-Planet, ©2107, Alicia R Peterson. Acrylic on 10” circle form, $300. Photo: Peter Scheer.


April 11, 2017 was a particularly big full moon for me. I had been painting inside my head for days in preparation. Canvas […]

I feel like my insides are showing

We filmed me painting outside but inside my studio, I speak to you. Evidently, I talk with my hands, so I was directed to keep still. Oh, that was hard for me. ©2017 Alicia R Peterson. Photo: Artist

Today is the day! It is a brisk 29 degrees in the north shore of Long […]

Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks

Shades of Change ©Alicia R Peterson, acrylic on panel, 18 x 18 inches,$450 for sale at the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Dix Hills, NY 2017. Photo: Peter Scheer.

The shades of change are upon us. In our world, in our lives. How do we weather change? How do we impact change? How do we find […]

The Walk of the Blob: Inside the Head of an Abstract Painter

They stop in their tracks and stare…

What is it?

Look at that BLOB!

No, it’s not a bad horror movie… Welcome to my world as an abstract painter.

Well about that Blob… In 2015, I was honored to be in a juried exhibition at the Art League of Long Island. At the opening of […]