FavoriteAlicia_1606 copyArtist Statement

Painting is my visual voice. That which cannot be spoken, that for which there are no words. I create a sacred space for the unspeakable in my works of art.

My greatest wish as an artist is that by sharing my story on canvas, you will hear your story within the universality of my paintings.

I paint so you can hear my voice. I paint so you are not alone.

Alicia R Peterson, July 2016


I am deeply grateful to my family and friends who always stand beside me. I hold you in my heart. Thank you for your tough love with kicks in the butt and for holding my hand when I need it.

I have a tremendous team: Peter Scheer, PilotLight Films – your artist’s eye honors my creations. All images of my paintings are Peter’s work. Alyson B Stanfield, Art Biz Coach – you galvanize my artist entrepreneur spirit. Patricia Velte, WhiteWing Design –  your expertise in web design shows my work at its best. Debby Williams, editor – you add harmony to my voice.

To my mentor, painter Stan Brodsky and my fellow ‘Stan Clan’ artists at the Art League of Long Island – I appreciate the catalyst of your critiques and your friendship. Stan, you have given me trust in my vision. I walk (paint) bolder because of you.