Dancing Naked under the Full Moon an Abstract Painter Destroys a Painting, Tears a Tendon and Finds Wisdom

Bronze-River. ©2017 Alicia R Peterson, acrylic on linen, 10 x 30.” $650. Photo: Peter Scheer

So where is the wisdom in challenge? What have I learned? How will this affect my painting process?

1. I have skills in ignoring what my body is trying to tell me. This can lead to major ouchies […]

The perils of painting

As an abstract painter the moon calls to me. I revel in its luminosity and shadow.

Exo-Planet, ©2107, Alicia R Peterson. Acrylic on 10” circle form, $300. Photo: Peter Scheer.


April 11, 2017 was a particularly big full moon for me. I had been painting inside my head for days in preparation. Canvas […]