My proud parents at my Doctor of Audiology Graduation. Photo:Artist 
No I can’t see you. Sometimes I take pictures without my glasses.

I am deeply grateful to my family and friends who always stand beside me. I hold you in my heart. Thank you for your tough love with kicks in the butt and for holding my hand when I need it. 


MY BFF since third grade Kelly who came in from LA for opening night at Ripe Art Gallery,
Huntington NY. © 2015 Alicia R Peterson.  Photo: Peter Scheer 


The love of my life, AKA my secret admirer. Opening reception at the Long Island Museum,
Stony Brook NY in front of my painting Balance Motion (below). © 2016 Alicia R Peterson. Photo: Artist 


The man behind the camera: Peter Scheer.  Evidently, I talk with my hands, so I was directed to keep still.
Oh, that was hard for me. © 2017 Alicia R Peterson.  Photo: Artist  

I have a tremendous team:  Peter Scheer, PilotLight Films – your artist’s eye honors my creations. All images of my paintings are Peter’s work.  Alyson B Stanfield, Art Biz Coach – you galvanize my artist entrepreneur spirit.  Patricia Velte, WhiteWing Design –  your expertise in web design shows my work at its best.  Debby Williams, editor – you add harmony to my voice. 


My mentor Stan Brodsky. I was so honored to be part of his show “Stan Brodsky and Friends” at Ripe Art Gallery,
Huntington NY.   Yes, he was critiquing my painting. © 2015 Alicia R Peterson. Photo: Artist 

To artist  Stan Brodsky  and my fellow ‘Stan Clan’ artists at the Art League of Long Island – I appreciate the catalyst of your critiques and your friendship. Stan, you have given me trust in my vision. I walk (paint) bolder because of you.