Infinity Edges

We all struggle to find our edge, pushing ever stronger past the edge and then sometimes falling off the edge.

My paintings overflow onto the edges; a glimpse into traversing boundaries. When I use mediums, such as water or flow release, to alter the viscosity of paint, I often add a medium to the edges.

The term “infinity edge” was gifted to me by one of my collectors. All my work is sold with infinity edges. I hope this brings you intrigue and expansion. Paintings can be hung framed or un-framed. Enjoy your visual walk along the edges of line, color and space.

Examples of infinity edges. © 2017, Alicia R Peterson, Spring Walk in the Woods. Acrylic on oval form. Photo: Peter Scheer.

Detail Color Storm, © 2017, Alicia R Peterson. Photo: Peter Scheer.

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