Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks

Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks

Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks

Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks

Shades of Change: A Painting Speaks


Shades of Change ©Alicia R Peterson, acrylic on panel, 18 x 18 inches, for sale at the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Dix Hills, NY 2017. Photo: Peter Scheer.

The shades of change are upon us. In our world, in our lives. How do we weather change? How do we impact change? How do we find common ground?

I answer, “Through art, the universal language.”

I raise my voice.

Shades of Change was birthed in chaos in 2015. I was immersed in painting on square panels. If you missed the story of how square I am, click here


I rarely use brushes; instead I use mediums to flow the paint across the surface. I mix colors wet-on-wet on the canvas. I drip, sling and flow paint. I paint with my hands, using gestures I have honed for the past 22 years. Square Dream, ©Alicia R Peterson, acrylic on panel, 12x 12,”. Photo: Peter Scheer


With squares, instead of my go-to linen, I used canvas panel. Linen has give, there is push back from the material. It is soft and subtle. Panel is hard and solid. There is no movement of the material save when I tip the panel.

Paint flows differently on panel; there is an edge that cannot be crossed, the paint stops.

Linen panel

The back of a linen painting and a canvas panel. In my studio, materials present a constant adventure. Their limitations and advantages push me further in my creative process. ©2017 Alicia R Peterson. Photo: Artist

I was entranced by the challenge from 2015-2106. It stirred me to paint on panels for long stretches of time, ever pushing to create movement where there was none.

Flowing past apparent boundaries and finding expansion is my daily work as an artist. I share this with you in Shades of Change. How do you plant seeds of change? Comment below and let us hear you.

I am doing a happy dance that Shades of Change was selected to be part of the 58th Long Island Artist Exhibition at the Art League of Long Island. Of the 667 images submitted, 60 were selected, so I am feeling special. Please join me for the opening on February 26, 2017 if you are local. If you are afar, you can share the fun visually at our next conversation. I have the best secret admirer who photographs me in all my art adventures.

58th Long Island Artists Exhibition
Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery
February 18 – March 21, 2017

Art League of Long Island
107 East Deer Park Road Dix Hills, NY 11746 p: 631 462-5400 `

Opening Reception: Feb. 26, 2017 1:00-3:00
Free and open to the public.

Elizabeth Denny, Owner and Robert Dimin, Director of the Denny Gallery 261 Broome St., NYC


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