I am a storyteller without words. I paint our stories.

I throw I drip I flow

I don’t know what my story is anymore. I certainly don’t know what the world’s story is. I do know we need a new story, and I am determined to paint it.

Perhaps you, too, are feeling the reverberations of the chaos in our world. How will we find peace, equality, and health? How will we live as one? How will we know all our colors are beautiful?

My voice found light when I told my story on canvas.
I paint so that you, too, may hear your story. I paint to tell the evolving story of our world.

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When I create, I find solace, peace and balance.

All is well. I find my words. My paintings do the talking. Can you hear them? In creation we find a way to tell our stories. May you find your story.